Visualizing Inflation In India

How can we see Inflation better? View an interactive map here. (Data: Office of the Economic Adviser, August 2011)

For each item, Inflation is shown as [Category Name] (Annual Inflation, Change from Last Month).  So Food Products (5.65%, +3.3%) means the category Food Products has seen an inflation of 5.65% compared to April 2010 (one year ago) versus last month's 2.35%.

The size of each box is the weight of the commodity. Color goes from blue (low inflation) to red (high inflation). Use the left and right mouse buttons to navigate. (Comments)

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inflation: a worry for investors

inflation is the biggest concern for the investors. The way it is growing, i think it will touch near about 10% level in India by next two months. the retail investors are not getting the required returns and govt should do something to control the inflation I have read a good article in the website called i am sharing a link Please read that, i think it is a helpful.