Interactive Inflation Map for June 2011

Check out MarketVision's Interactive Inflation Map for June 2011, according to data released today.

Quick Note: What is this "Inflation" thing?

Skip if you know about the WPI and the concept of inflation.

Inflation data is released monthly. Today's release was a provisional estimate for Jun 2011. They will revise it two months later, in September (along with the release of August provisional data).

Inflation is calculated based on the wholesale price of certain elements, which comprise our usage (supposedly). The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) is a basket of these elements, weighted appropriately. So the price of onions (1 kg worth) gets a weight of 0.17% while crude petroleum price will be 0.90%.

The basket is hierarchical - so Onions is grouped under "Vegetables", which comes under "Fruits and Vegatables" which is further under "Food articles"->Primary Articles->Overall WPI Basket.

Interactive Indian Inflation Map for April 2011

The monthly release of Inflation is in for April 2011, and we have an inflation of 8.66% (provisional). We at MarketVision have built a full visualization (clicks and zooms and unzooms) at Visualizing Inflation In India, and this post will have visual excerpts with commentary.

This month we've included the change from the earlier month for each sub-category as well. The change looks like this with the legend:

March Inflation at 8.98%: MarketVision's Interactive Map

After our February article which got us a lot of email feedback (thanks!) we have a new interactive map for the March Inflation - the headline number came in at 8.98%.

You will see a lot of square boxes with different colours. The size of each box is its weight in the parent, and the colour is based on the inflation of that item as given below.

Feb 2011 Inflation at 8.3%: Visualized!

February 2011 Inflation came in at 8.3%, with a pick-up in manufacturing goods. I had written earlier that the danger remains of inflation moving from primary items to secondary items and now that seems to be happening.

Primary Articles Inflation Down To 13.96% for Feb 26, 2011

Primary Articles Inflation for Feb 26, 2011 has mellowed down to 13.96%. This is the lowest figure since November 2009, which is a good sign.

PI Inflation up at 15.77% for Feb 12, 2011

Primary Articles Inflation on 12-Feb 2011 has bumped itself up to 15.77%, according to the latest data.

Primary Articles Inflation Chart

Crude up 9% on the Libyan Unrest

Crude oil is up more than 7 dollars at 94 dollars, a rise of 9%, which is HUGE. Libya is seeing huge unrest after Egypt's revolution, and the Great Gaddafi is likely in some trouble after about 40 years at the helm. Bahrain, too, is seeing serious protests, and oil supply is under some threat, it seems. Or at least, the markets think so.

Brent Crude, more relevant to India, is at $104+.

PA Inflation Down To 14.59% - Feb 5, 2011

Inflation seems to be coming under control, quite dramatically. The latest data  for Feb 5, 2011 shows a 14.59% headline number. It will no doubt be revised to 16% or more later, when no one remembers.

Jan 2011 Monthly Inflation at 8.23%

The Jan Inflation Number went back to 8.23% from the December number of 8.43%. This sounds very bullish but I think the data is crappy.

Monthly Jan WPI at 8.23%

Primary Articles: Inflation down to 16.24%

From last week's 18.44%, the WPI release today for 29 Jan shows inflation at the Primary Articles level slowed down to 16.24%.