Reviewing a ULIP: HDFC Crest

Learn about how to understand a ULIP from Deepak Shenoy as he reviews HDFC Crest, a Unit Linked Insurance Policy.

1.      Understanding premiums and tenures

2.      The Guaranteed NAV, how it works and why it's not as good as it sounds

3.      A comparison with a Term Plan+MF combination - which is way better!

4.      Even performance of the ULIP has been sub-optimal compared to a mutual fund from HDFC (the promoter!)

5.      Costs and how they hurt your returns

(10 min)

HDFC Grows EPS 30.46% in Q3 FY 11

Going pretty well, this story is.

HDFC Q3 FY 11 Results

Reasonably revenue growth, nearly 20%. Interest payments went up lesser. This is non-consolidated – last year, their consolidated profits had an EPS of 15% higher (110 cons. versus 95).