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DLF - After the Rise

In a Conversation with Ramki, we had spoken of the stock being bearish and that a good buy point was 185. The stock has since rallied to 275 - what should you do now?

Deepak takes you through what could have been a stop loss for the past trade, and what you could do now.

(6 min)

Conversations with Manish Jain: Tech, Advisors and Mega Deals

In a 20 minute free form conversation, Manish from MProfit speaks with Deepak from MarketVision talk about:

  • Technology and Trading in India
  • How Distributors have started to become Advisors and,
  • The Reliance - DE Shaw deal.

Manish and Deepak worked together briefly during Deepak's Moneyoga days of building algo trading systems in Bombay. According to Manish's twitter profile - he loves Cars, technology, finance, fitness and a certain fruit from Cupertino, Calif.  He moved to India 5 1/2 years back to focus on technology driven businesses. His latest venture is MProfit - a desktop portfolio management software.

(As a disclosure, there is no commercial relationship between our companies)

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What is "Short Delivery"?

What is "Short Delivery" and Auctions on the NSE?

Can you buy a share and still not get it, two days after you purchase? And if you sell it without actually having it, what happens?

Deepak Shenoy takes you through:

  • The concept of short delivery
  • Auctions on the NSE
  • Why you get your shares four days later instead of just two
  • How you might be penalized for selling what you don't own
  • Why this is important even if you are a "Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow" (BTST) trader.

(7 min)

What does 40% Dividend Mean?

Mutual Funds in India often declare dividends like "40%" or "20%" - and if it gets you salivating that

Open and Closed Ended Funds

Learn about Open Ended and Closed ended mutual funds in this 9 minute lesson, part of MarketVision's Mutual Funds module.

  • What are open and closed ended funds
  • Types of closed ended funds
  • Why closed ended funds at all?
  • The Scam of NFO charges
  • Tax arbitrage and Tenure matching with FMPs
  • Should you choose Closed ended funds for equity?

(9 min)

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Conversations With Ramki: BankNifty, TataSteel, DLF

This isn't entirely a "short" take but it's a series we intend to continue: Conversations.

In the first in the series, Deepak Shenoy speaks with N. Ramakrishnan, popularly known as Ramki. Ramki has over 25 yrs of experience with markets, and has rich and deep knowledge of the Elliott Wave Theory. His views are sought after by leading banks and hedge fund managers around the world.

He now runs the treasury of a bank in the Middle East. He writes at - a must visit for traders.

(45 minutes)

Equity Mutual Funds

Deepak takes you through Equity Mutual Funds in India. 

  • Different kinds of equity funds in India - Diversified, Sector, Index
  • Lockin Though Exit Loads 
  • No Dividend tax and Why
  • Derivatives that Equity MFs can use
  • ELSS and Tax Saving Funds
  • Other types of Equity Funds

This video is 10 minutes long.

Markets Crash From FII Selling?

Are FIIs responsible for the recent fall in Indian markets? Deepak Shenoy takes a long, hard look at the data - FIIs have bought over 40,000 crores since September, when we were last at 5400 on the Nifty - and in the last month, sold just 9000 crores.

This means FII selling can't be the reason - or at least, not the primary reason for a 15% crash.

Finally, what else it could be.

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Dividend Vs. Growth Mutual Funds

Dividend and Growth are two "options" you find on most mutual funds - and here's a video explaining in more detail:

  • What are the Dividend and Growth Options of Mutual Funds?
  • Dividend Distribution Tax
  • What happens to the NAV when Dividends are paid
  • When to choose to take Dividends, or use the Growth option
  • Dividend Stripping
  • Dividend Reinvestment and Bonus Options
  • Other quirks

This video is 10 minutes long.

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Mutual Funds: Pricing and NAV

Learn about Net Asset Values and Unit prices, and how they are calculated, with an example. You'll see how mark-to-market is done, and how a fund will calculate and release NAVs on a daily basis.

(7 minutes)

Next on the cards is a Video on Dividends and Growth Options of Mutual Funds.