What are Bond Yields?

Learn about the term "Bond Yield". When they say "The 10 year bond is at 8.19%" what do they really mean? Deepak Shenoy takes you through:

  • The ultra basics of bonds
  • The concept of Yields - it's simply a way to indicate what bonds return.
  • Current Yields and Yield to Maturity (YTM)
  • The Price, Yield/YTM and Time relation
  • How to use Excel to calculate Yields
  • Why Yields and Prices change in the Bond Market.

(9 Minutes)


Hi Deepak, I have recently

Hi Deepak,

I have recently started reading you (everywhere: started from Twitter, now I've printed out (almost) all past articles from Capitalmind (back to back, draft mode printing) and reading them with almost 60 pages / day kinda frequency; and have registered myself here on Market View. Plus reading you on yahoo and everywhere else on net. Flattery over. No wait, no one will take so much efforts to read someone if one is not impressed with his thoughts, right? Ok, flatter over, now.)

Well, I have a request. Many of us (your followers) access this site from office (as there is hardly any time left post or pre office hours) and it is uncomfortable / banned to watch videos on web sites. In this restrictive environment, I am losing out on your "short takes" and feeling bad about it.

I was wondering if it is possible, can you put up transcripts of these videos on the web site. That way we lesser mortals with no access to AV functions on the web (yes, there is a breed like that exists) will not be left out from these knowledge base.

Thanks for being around and sharing your mind here.

- Mehul

Thanks Mehul, we have plans

Thanks Mehul, we have plans for transcripts but not in the immediate future. Would it be possible to watch the videos from home?