Webinar on Option Trading in India

The basics of option trading in India. In November 2011, Deepak Shenoy held a webinar with over 100 attendees, where he spoke about option trading in India, the nuances and the specifics. Covered were:

  • A brief intro to options
  • Pricing
  • The Greeks!
  • Trading Options in India
  • Strategies
  • Unbridled Speculation
  • Cut Risk
  • Covered Calls/Naked Put writes, Strangles
  • Adjusting Positions
  • Pitfalls

What was not covered:

  • Tips!
  • Tech Analysis
  • Deeper strategies
  • Delta hedging or such
  • Fat tail modelling
  • Calendar spreads



looking forward to follow up

looking forward to follow up sessions.. ;o)

Hi Deepak, Possible to post

Hi Deepak,

Possible to post transcript (text version) of the webinar? Even a draft will do which you may have prepared for webinar.


- Yours truly having streaming video banned at office and no net connection at home

Webinar is good idea to

Webinar is good idea to represent things with animation and with some example and so easy to represent to people and understand.

Hi Deepak, Thanks for taking

Hi Deepak,
Thanks for taking efforts to do a video/webinar on Option trading. I didnt attend the webinar, but saw the recorded video and liked some portions.
I felt that the Option Greeks part can be ignored or excluded in future as it can get too complication. Greeks can only be appreciated if a person is good in basics and has some knowledge of Greeks already. Even things like delta hedging, calendar spreads are advances strategies that could have been covered later. More focus could have been given on the stock and underlying changes, payoff charts, etc.

However, I would still appreciate your efforts, since its not at an easy topic to cover that too in a live webinar.