Mutual Funds: Pricing and NAV

Learn about Net Asset Values and Unit prices, and how they are calculated, with an example. You'll see how mark-to-market is done, and how a fund will calculate and release NAVs on a daily basis.

(7 minutes)

Next on the cards is a Video on Dividends and Growth Options of Mutual Funds.

We've experimented with bringing Deepak on board through a webcam in the first few seconds of the video. Would love your comments!

Also, if you're looking at this on an iPad, you can see the video here:


very nice

very nice

Nince one again.. Liked this

Nince one again.. Liked this one too.

Just can't wait for u to get more technical on the equity and personal finance side..

Hi Deepak, Could you plz

Hi Deepak,
Could you plz explain if some one newly buying to a fund will affect the NAV? or is it like.... today fund came up with the NAV of the scheme and if I apply for 10000 Rs, they give me units say today's NAV/10000 or is it like (Today's NAV calculated including my 10000)/ 10000 as the NAV of today and I allot the units!

Anon: I've answered in a