Introduction to Mutual Funds

Learn about Mutual Funds and their structure in India, from Deepak Shenoy. The first video of the MarketVision Mutual Fund Video Module, this video talks about:

  • Collective Pooled Investing
  • How Mutual Funds are structured in India
  • NAV and Units: Explained With An Example
  • Entry and Exit Loads
  • Management Fees

The video is nearly 10 minutes long. See it and write in with your comments!

Next: Pricing and NAV of Mutual Funds.

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Excellent video.... well done.

Will appreciate if you can do a similar video on company balance sheet, ratios, annual report.. and how to interpret those data.

Many Thanks

Mr. Barua


Dear Mr. Barua: Much appreciate the comment, and yes, we'll add one on balance sheet too. Look at the P/E ratio video, by the way, that might help as well.

Nice Intitiative...

That was wonderful..

Though the content was too basic I hope you intend to cover much more technically in depth in coming days..

I am regular follower or ur posts and this im just loving it.. It will much more helpful if you are really planning to scale it up.

Yes, we'll add more technical

Yes, we'll add more technical pieces as we move forward. The idea is to move up from the basics to the intermediate and advanced levels as well.

A thought

Hi Deepak

good video! can i share this on fb?


Very nice presentation.. one doubt.

Hi Deepak,

It's a very nice presentation. I have one doubt regarding the NIFTYBeSS.

My assumption is although it's an ETF, it essentially a mutual fund where the underlying investment(portfolio) is made in only the scrips which are part of NIFTY.

And the cost of NIFTYBeES very closely tracks the 1/10th number of NIFTY. Say currently it's priced at 578 while the NIFTY is at 5696.50.

So, my question is what happens to the amount that the fund earns as dividend income from the underlying securities ?

The last time they paid dividend to unit holders is for 50.00 ( September 15, 2008).

I am little amused thinking that the dividend they would have earned during this period from Sep-2008 to Jan-2001 from the underlying securities would have distorted or rather added few more ruppee to the cost of one unit of NIFTYBeES.

Hope my question makes sense.


Introduction to Mutual Fund

Dear Deepak,

The Article is presented in simple and understandable terms. It is very clear. Even a layman who is new to mutual fund could easily understand. Your commendable efforts needs to be appreciated. My hearty thanks to you!

1.I would like to know, whether there is any limit fixed for a mutual fund to accept investments from public at the time of start of the mutual fund scheme.

2.Is there any time limit for the mutual fund like fixed deposits?

Please clarify.


Manoharan Ramasamy(