Equity Mutual Funds

Deepak takes you through Equity Mutual Funds in India. 

  • Different kinds of equity funds in India - Diversified, Sector, Index
  • Lockin Though Exit Loads 
  • No Dividend tax and Why
  • Derivatives that Equity MFs can use
  • ELSS and Tax Saving Funds
  • Other types of Equity Funds

This video is 10 minutes long.


Hi Deepak, You made an

Hi Deepak,

You made an interesting point that the Tax saving advantage in ELSS will go away after 2012.But do you think that it will effect the way in which the fund will be managed ?

Also is it advisable to invest in ELSS now given the fact that I have to keep my money blocked till 2014?


Shailender - I think the

Shailender - I think the concept is that when there is no impetus to get new money into the fund and people will only be taking out money, the fund managers will lose enthu in the fund itself. Might as well go for a regular fund in that case.