Conversations: Manish Jain on What's Good About ULIPs

A 25 minute conversation with Manish Jain on Unit Linked Insurance Plans. In a twist, Deepak Shenoy from MarketVision speaks with Manish about what's good about them.

  • Who are ULIPs suitable for?
  • How do the new ULIP changes make the products better?
  • What kind of misselling goes on and should be avoided
  • And of course, who shouldn't be buying them.

(25 min)

Do read Deepak's article on ULIPs with NAV and total return comparisons published at Yahoo!, and other articles on ULIPs that he's written over the years.

Manish writes at and works with


Dudes, you both are good

Dudes, you both are good dudes, but you both have so bent over backwards trying to make the case for ULIPs, your belly buttons are going to pop :-)

ULIPs are good for a person who is too naive to understand that insuring against risk costs money, but is smart enough to switch between equity and debt to benefit from no-cost swichability? Got it...

Let me say who ULIPs are good for - people who are too stupid to know otherwise. End of story.

What about taxation? After

What about taxation?
After DTC comes into effect, capital gains on ELSS (or any other equity mutual fund) wont be tax free. Can I use ULIP for that? Can I claim returns to be tax free because of income tax section 10(D) ?

DTC - ULIP gains are unlikely

DTC - ULIP gains are unlikely to be tax free - the DTC isn't yet approved and in it's current form only those investments that have 20x of premium as sum assured will be tax fre on withdrawal. IN the next five or six years I think even that will go, so it's not useful to take on a product for tax advantages any more.