Conversations: Buy Property In The US? (With Manish Jain)

Deepak Shenoy speaks with Manish Jain from MProfit about buying property in the US.  As an Indian resident, you can remit upto $200,000 abroad, and when you hear that houses are going for less than $85,000 you might want to jump at the opportunity. But like Manish says, things are not hunky-dory in that land either.

There is a substantial difference in cost, realization and opportunity. Manish takes us through various things you must look out for, and what else to consider when you hear that outrageously low price tag for a house in America.

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Nice. Thanks Deepak, Manish.

Nice. Thanks Deepak, Manish. Unless it was done on purpose to protect privacy, maybe next time we can have more light on Manish.

With America following Japan

With America following Japan with a 20 year offset, why would anyone wants to buy property over there, unless you want a house to live in?