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Video: Open and Closed Ended Funds

We've got a new (Free) video over at MarketVision on Open and Closed Ended Mutual Funds.

(9 min)

Open and Closed Ended Funds

Learn about Open Ended and Closed ended mutual funds in this 9 minute lesson, part of MarketVision's Mutual Funds module.

  • What are open and closed ended funds
  • Types of closed ended funds
  • Why closed ended funds at all?
  • The Scam of NFO charges
  • Tax arbitrage and Tenure matching with FMPs
  • Should you choose Closed ended funds for equity?

(9 min)

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New Companies Bill: One Woman In Every Five Directors

The new companies bill which is supposed to be passed in Parliament this session will mandate women directors on many boards.

Companies having five or more independent directors would have to necessarily have at least one female independent director, Corporate Affairs Minister Murli Deora said.

Vietnam Hikes Rates From 7% to 12%

WSJ reports that Vietnam hiked its rates today.

HANOI—Vietnam's central bank Tuesday raised two of its key policy rates on dong-denominated loans in another bid to tame inflation.

What I Learnt At Two Value Investing Meets

I attended a couple of interesting meets, consisting of a number of value investors, over at Delhi. They were two separate groups - "Perfect Research" and "InvestmentSuperGrowth" which met, but there seemed to be a significant overlap.

Note: I am a beginner at this "value" investor concept.

Let's get to the interesting stuff.


First, a presentation by Sanjay Bakshi, a famous value investor and Professor at MDI Gurgaon. He spoke about a few mental habits to get killed in the stock market. He's a value person so he abhors trading; there was a time when I would find that view silly because it ignores the excellent returns traders have made. But now I think everyone should be allowed their biases, and if hating trading is what makes him a better investor, more power to him.

He mentioned a great example of how our mind plays tricks on us. If you were in a shop for a lamp costing Rs. 10,000 rupees, and the salesperson said, "Listen, we have another store that we're shutting down, just a mile down the road, and the same lamp's available at Rs. 9,000". Will you go?

Many of us in the audience, including the stingy me, raised our hand.

Prem Watsa's Annual Report: 25% p.a. over 25 years!

Prem Watsa's Fairfax Financial Holdings has published its annual report, and it makes for great reading. (Thanks Lovesh Vashist)

They've grown their book value 25% per year, compounded, in the last 25 years, which is pretty awesome. Fairfax's stock price has compounded 21% per year. Incredible performance.

They are big on insurance, and to add an Indian connection, own 26% in ICICI Lombard.

Budget Summary, Tax Sop-Madness and More: The MarketVision Chronicle - Mar 05, 2011

On March 5, the MarketVision Chronicle, which I edit, talks about the budget, rants about tax sops and gives you all at MarketVision and in the outside world.

You need to register. (Free) You can get the Chronicle by mail every Saturday.

Primary Articles Inflation on 19 Feb 2011: Down to 14.85%

A sharp drop was seen in primary articles inflation over last year, with the 19 Feb number going to 14.85%. Primary Articles Inflation

India Composite PMI goes to 61 from 59.6 in Feb

HSBC India Composite PMI has gone to 61.0, up from January's 59.6. Services has strongly increased the PMI - the composite is a mix of the Manufacturing (last at 57.9) and services. Anything about 50 is expansion and below is contraction.


India Services PMI

MarketVision Beta Chat on 2 March 2011: Transcript

We had a test chat over at today at 10:30 AM for an hour. You need to be registered (Free!) to get to the actual chat, which will happen on Saturdays. Pre-Announced Theme and Time - on Twitter and a blog post here. Thanks to all the participants for helping test the piece, and do let us know what you think?

Here's the transcript.