Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer at MarketVision?

A better way to learn about Money, Markets and Investing, specific to India. We intend to educate through online video, in simple and easy-to-understand language. We tailor our content for India – so you never have to wade through text that involves "401-K".

You can:

  • Buy a paid subscription to our lessons (Coming Soon!)
  • See our Short-Takes : Free, short videos demonstrating a financial concept each.
  • Ask us Questions, provide answers and vote on what other people have said.
  • Interact with us on Live Webinars (Coming Soon!)
  • Learn more about the financial markets.


Videos and Short Takes


Can I view the Free Videos (Short Takes) whenever I want?

Of course. Not just at (Click here for Short Takes), you can visit our Youtube Channel and see our videos there.  Feel free to distribute the links to your friends, through Email, Twitter or Facebook.


Can I download the Paid Videos and Short Takes to my computer?


Not easily. We will update content regularly as rules and regulations change, so we encourage you to visit to see them.


What is the paid subscription for?

This part is coming soon, but to give you an idea, we have three modules each of which contains a number of videos.

·         Basics: Videos Money, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Insurance, Credit

·         Next Step: Stock Analysis, Fundamentals, Charting

·         Advanced: Technical Analysis, Option Strategies, Futures

We will add more content to these modules as new products and concepts become relevant.

Note that all content is specific to India. We explain in terms of what Indian funds and equities do, how our taxes work here and specific regulation that impacts you. 

How much do you charge?
How can I pay?
Can I cancel my subscription?

There will be more details once we have the content ready for you.

MarketVision Q&A

Can anyone ask a question?

Yes. You don’t have to pay, or login, or run a marathon to qualify. Of course, if you do choose to sign up, you will be able to see your comments, the answers and summaries much better.

How do I ask questions?

Simply enter your questions and hit Submit.

Can I expect an answer in 15 minutes?

Not really.

Okay, 1 hour?

Uhm, no. The point is that questions are free-form and the community –  the entire set of people that use this web site – will answer your questions if they feel they know an answer or want to provide input. There is no minimum time-frame.

How can I ensure I get an answer?

·         Write a catchy question

·         make sure you provide enough information that allows a reader to answer properly.

·         If you put in links to external web sites – they will be removed, unless you have achieved a certain reputation.

·         Do not spam.

Can I answer questions?

Yes. We’ll even tell you which questions you answered and how people voted on them.

Can I edit my Questions and Answers?

Yes. Click the Edit button and change the text accordingly.

Why should I vote up answers?

When an answer is especially useful, your vote will let the author know you appreciated its content. Additionally, the highest voted answers will show up first, which gives every reader a better experience.

Why would I vote down an answer?

Answers that are irrelevant, promotional or spam, or attacking someone personally should be voted down. Additionally, if you feel the answer adds no further information, you might choose to vote it down.

We understand there can be meaningless battles between users, and the internet is full of them, but moderators will shut down such activity if it happens.

What kind of questions can I ask?

Anything related to finance, money, investing or markets. You can ask for clarifications on anything you hear in the Short Takes videos as well.

What questions are likely to be deleted?

Only utterly irrelevant or attacking questions, or those that induce illegal or fraudulent behaviour. Such as:

·         Should I give my cat a bath?

·         Why is <user> being so stupid?

·         How do I convert black money to white money?

I’m sure these are pertinent questions for some people, but they don’t belong on MarketVision Q&A.

How much do you charge for Q&A?

Ten thousand. One thousand. Five hundred. Oh, what the heck. It’s Free!