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Webinar on Option Trading in India

The basics of option trading in India. In November 2011, Deepak Shenoy held a webinar with over 100 attendees, where he spoke about option trading in India, the nuances and the specifics. Covered were:

  • A brief intro to options
  • Pricing
  • The Greeks!
  • Trading Options in India
  • Strategies
  • Unbridled Speculation
  • Cut Risk
  • Covered Calls/Naked Put writes, Strangles
  • Adjusting Positions
  • Pitfalls

What was not covered:

Conversations: Manish Jain on What's Good About ULIPs

A 25 minute conversation with Manish Jain on Unit Linked Insurance Plans. In a twist, Deepak Shenoy from MarketVision speaks with Manish about what's good about them.

  • Who are ULIPs suitable for?
  • How do the new ULIP changes make the products better?
  • What kind of misselling goes on and should be avoided
  • And of course, who shouldn't be buying them.

(25 min)

Tech Talk: Chart Patterns of Interesting Stocks

We go through the five stocks we discussed last week and Deepak introduces four new stocks in a quick technical take. None of these are large caps, and this video is for education only, not advice.

(7 Min, Video)


Gravita: Exited with a stop loss hit after the stock went below the 20 day average.

Five Stocks in Five Minutes: April 13, 2011

Deepak takes you through five stocks he's long right now: Gravita, Camlin, Gujarat Fluoro, REC and Firstlease.

Purely technical - just charts of price and volume.

(5 min)

Liquid and Ultra Short Term Mutual Funds

What are Liquid and Ultra Short Term Mutual Funds in India, and why would you consider them versus a Fixed Deposit?

Deepak Shenoy takes you through:
* The concept of liquid funds
* Where do they invest?
* Dividend and Capital Gains taxes involved
* Interest Rates
* Comparison with Fixed Deposits

(15 min)

Conversations with Manish Jain: Tech, Advisors and Mega Deals

In a 20 minute free form conversation, Manish from MProfit speaks with Deepak from MarketVision talk about:

  • Technology and Trading in India
  • How Distributors have started to become Advisors and,
  • The Reliance - DE Shaw deal.

Manish and Deepak worked together briefly during Deepak's Moneyoga days of building algo trading systems in Bombay. According to Manish's twitter profile - he loves Cars, technology, finance, fitness and a certain fruit from Cupertino, Calif.  He moved to India 5 1/2 years back to focus on technology driven businesses. His latest venture is MProfit - a desktop portfolio management software.

(As a disclosure, there is no commercial relationship between our companies)

Visit MarketVision at http://www.marketvision.in
Visit MProfit at http://www.mprofit.in

Manish also writes at http://www.celestri.org.

What is "Short Delivery"?

What is "Short Delivery" and Auctions on the NSE?

Can you buy a share and still not get it, two days after you purchase? And if you sell it without actually having it, what happens?

Deepak Shenoy takes you through:

  • The concept of short delivery
  • Auctions on the NSE
  • Why you get your shares four days later instead of just two
  • How you might be penalized for selling what you don't own
  • Why this is important even if you are a "Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow" (BTST) trader.

(7 min)

What does 40% Dividend Mean?

Mutual Funds in India often declare dividends like "40%" or "20%" - and if it gets you salivating that

Open and Closed Ended Funds

Learn about Open Ended and Closed ended mutual funds in this 9 minute lesson, part of MarketVision's Mutual Funds module.

  • What are open and closed ended funds
  • Types of closed ended funds
  • Why closed ended funds at all?
  • The Scam of NFO charges
  • Tax arbitrage and Tenure matching with FMPs
  • Should you choose Closed ended funds for equity?

(9 min)

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Equity Mutual Funds

Deepak takes you through Equity Mutual Funds in India. 

  • Different kinds of equity funds in India - Diversified, Sector, Index
  • Lockin Though Exit Loads 
  • No Dividend tax and Why
  • Derivatives that Equity MFs can use
  • ELSS and Tax Saving Funds
  • Other types of Equity Funds

This video is 10 minutes long.