Intern: Content and Research

MarketVision needs an intern to help with the growing web site, to provide high-quality content. We need someone part time to help us. We will pay, but it’s not a lot of money; when we start making revenues we will make it up to you.

Who we are looking for

Someone passionate about building great financial content. You should love the financial world – from personal finance to markets. You should like to read. We don’t care about degrees. We love it if you’re independent and will question us. You need to be able to work well with content – making presentations, creating newsletters and so on – or, at least, pick it up fast. You need to be able to communicate on email and phone, and work on the net.

This is a work-out-of-home kind of job. Saves a little bit for us in terms of infrastructure, at the moment. Plus, it saves you the commute and you can be anywhere in India (or the world! But you’ll work with our time zone) Our office is in Sohna Road, Gurgaon.

You’ll need  your own computer and internet connection.

What the work is about

Creating content, mostly.

  1. You must go through a set of web sites, newspapers, blogs and such, and share links that we can use as Editor’s picks
  2. Prepare the newsletter edition over the week. Deepak will write articles, these need to be moved into the correct format, and we need to keep certain top articles and picks each week.
  3. Create content – using great visualization tools or data.
    1. Helps if you know how to code.
    2. Otherwise we’ll teach you if you pick up stuff fast.
  4. Check MV videos each day for comments, links or otherwise. Keep some standardization in the short-take text and consolidate as new videos come online.

 There might be more. We don’t expect a person to spend more than 4 hours a day. If you think the above will take more time, tell us.


Short resume, with links to what you’ve written in the field in the past will be great.