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Webinar on Option Trading in India

The basics of option trading in India. In November 2011, Deepak Shenoy held a webinar with over 100 attendees, where he spoke about option trading in India, the nuances and the specifics. Covered were:

  • A brief intro to options
  • Pricing
  • The Greeks!
  • Trading Options in India
  • Strategies
  • Unbridled Speculation
  • Cut Risk
  • Covered Calls/Naked Put writes, Strangles
  • Adjusting Positions
  • Pitfalls

What was not covered:

Free Options Webinar by Deepak Shenoy!

We're doing a free webinar for you, about how to trade options in India. 16 Nov, 4 PM, around 1 hour.

Click here to join the webinar.

The basics of Trading Options

Deepak Shenoy takes through stock options traded on the Indian exchanges, in an online video webinar.


Interactive Inflation Map for June 2011

Check out MarketVision's Interactive Inflation Map for June 2011, according to data released today.

Quick Note: What is this "Inflation" thing?

Skip if you know about the WPI and the concept of inflation.

Inflation data is released monthly. Today's release was a provisional estimate for Jun 2011. They will revise it two months later, in September (along with the release of August provisional data).

Inflation is calculated based on the wholesale price of certain elements, which comprise our usage (supposedly). The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) is a basket of these elements, weighted appropriately. So the price of onions (1 kg worth) gets a weight of 0.17% while crude petroleum price will be 0.90%.

The basket is hierarchical - so Onions is grouped under "Vegetables", which comes under "Fruits and Vegatables" which is further under "Food articles"->Primary Articles->Overall WPI Basket.

Conversations: Buy Property In The US? (With Manish Jain)

Deepak Shenoy speaks with Manish Jain from MProfit about buying property in the US.  As an Indian resident, you can remit upto $200,000 abroad, and when you hear that houses are going for less than $85,000 you might want to jump at the opportunity. But like Manish says, things are not hunky-dory in that land either.

The Tanishq Gold Rip-Off

Reader @moneybloke (Sunil) writes in (on the Physical Gold Con Job video):

Surprise surprise, just called Tanishq and asked to buy a 50 gm gold coin. here is the lowdown

MCX price of 995 22400 per 10 gms
Tanishq price of 999 2750 per gm
making charges 4.5%

I am guessing that there may be VAT on this as well ( 2%).

Interactive Indian Inflation Map for April 2011

The monthly release of Inflation is in for April 2011, and we have an inflation of 8.66% (provisional). We at MarketVision have built a full visualization (clicks and zooms and unzooms) at Visualizing Inflation In India, and this post will have visual excerpts with commentary.

This month we've included the change from the earlier month for each sub-category as well. The change looks like this with the legend:

Reviewing a ULIP: HDFC Crest

Learn about how to understand a ULIP from Deepak Shenoy as he reviews HDFC Crest, a Unit Linked Insurance Policy.

1.      Understanding premiums and tenures

2.      The Guaranteed NAV, how it works and why it's not as good as it sounds

3.      A comparison with a Term Plan+MF combination - which is way better!

4.      Even performance of the ULIP has been sub-optimal compared to a mutual fund from HDFC (the promoter!)

5.      Costs and how they hurt your returns

(10 min)

Video: Slump Sales and Safeguards

CNBC TV-18 has an interesting two part discussion on slump sales. They run through the three fundamental ideas I've had recently - Indo Asian Fusegear (sold chunk to Legrand), SmarkLink (sold 90% - they say - to Schneider) and Piramal Healthcare (sold approx 50% to Abbott).

Monthly Income Plans

Learn about how Monthly Income Plans work.

  • Monthly Income Plans - Hybrid funds that mostly hold Debt
  • How do they give you Monthly Income?
  • How they are "slightly" safer.
  • Risks involved
  • MIPs in the real world
  • Who should buy an MIP
  • Selecting a plan

(9 min)

Conversations: Manish Jain on What's Good About ULIPs

A 25 minute conversation with Manish Jain on Unit Linked Insurance Plans. In a twist, Deepak Shenoy from MarketVision speaks with Manish about what's good about them.

  • Who are ULIPs suitable for?
  • How do the new ULIP changes make the products better?
  • What kind of misselling goes on and should be avoided
  • And of course, who shouldn't be buying them.

(25 min)